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Wiggle Pawty Friday 28 February 2014 7pm-Midnight and beyond!! #wigglepawty

Hello pals and first let me say As-salaamu 'Alaykum (peace be unto you). 
Bijntje and I would like to invite you all to our eighth Wiggle Pawty 
also know as a Hafla on Friday 28 February 2014, So why not come along 
and have a shake, a shimmy and a wiggle wiv me and Bijntje!
Let us know you're coming - on twtvite

What is a Wiggle Pawty?
A Wiggle Pawty or hafla is usually organised by a belly dancer and involves Middle Eastern music (sometimes live musicians, sometimes just taped music). Dancers take turns performing for each other and their guests. Later on, it's usual to have some open-floor dancing for everyone to get up and enjoy the music. Our hafla is a fun-packed event with quizzes, prizes, music and free dance lessons from me (wiv a little help from mum who dus be a bellydance teacher).

We dus be raisin funds for a special friend. Many of us know our dear pal @tweetypie54 mum Sheila dus be avin a bad time and we is ere to elp as much as we can. Find out more on da donashun page for Sheila. Ere:

Your hosts
Meet your Quizmaster for the evening - Bijntje! We all know and love our wonderful little pal from Holland (@bijntje)!

As if you didn't know, he doesn't mind a drink or two and has been known to dance on the bar a few times! Just lock up all your Baileys!

Now meet your bellydance teacher and DJ for the evening - me - Lexie

(@dogstoyevsky)! We'll (hopefully) have some fantastic guest DJ's too.

I loves a good wiggle and loves spinning them tunes. Make sure you're ready to shimmy those hips to some great bellydance tunes and get free lessons too!

More DJs and Barktenders to be announced!

We'll be having the party in our ultra-gorgeous Bedlouin tent in the wonderful, mysterious and romantic Moroccan desert.

Food and drink
Eating is an important part of the hafla and sharing food with your friends and family is part of the middle eastern way of life. We've put together some great dishes for you to share. Grab yourself some pita bread and tuck into some home made hummus or baba ghanoush (eggplant).

Enjoy lamb and chicken tajines; the meat is deliciously tender and infused with gorgeous herbs and spices. Vegetarian tajines with eggplant (aubergine), carrots, tomatoes, courgettes and onions are availble too . Help yourself to a bowl! Add rice, roasted cashews and pita! Don't forget to come back for seconds! There's plenty.

Why not tuck into a cool, refreshing salad if you're not hungry! Or have a salad as well! Enjoy potatoes, beetroot, cucumber, olives or chickpeas.

Round everything off with delicious sweet cakes!

Or thirst-quenching Moroccan Mint Tea!

Don't worry there will be drinkies too! If anyone can elp wiv barktending, let me know by sending me a DM on twitta to @dogstoyevsky.

Music and dance
First we're gonna give you some great moves you can use on the dance floor; we'll get your shimmying those hips, doing hip circles, hip drops and shoulder shimmies.

We'll be listening and dancing to authentic belly dance music from across the middle east including egyptian, lebanese, moroccan and turkish. We'll go from traditional to pop, street to nightclub, saidi and baladi along wiv some good old fashioned dance toons.

Shisha (or hookah, hubblybubbly pipe)
If you just want to relax and enjoy the music and dancing, sit back and have a smoke. We have a range of flavours to choose from including kiwi, mango, apple, rose, licorice and banana.

We look forward to seein you on the night! Aiwa!

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